As One

Video: As One
Concept: Urša Vidic
Photography: Lorenka Stropnik
Animation: Aron
Editing: Aron, Lorenka Stropnik, Urša Vidic
Music: Luka Prinčič

The video As One is based on X tension series of paintings portraiting an imaginary body in a different media. The sensory effect that we perceive through the eye of the camera is floating above an unknown, alien landscape. The moving of the camera takes us from the abstract, undefined spaces into more detailed points, where we see the fragments of the human bodies. The interlacement of the bodies is preventing the eye from seeing where one body ends and another starts. The video itself is a loop with no conceivable time span, which repeatedly brings attention to the same points of perception, leaving the viewer lost in space and time.

The effect of merging many bodies into one confronts us with monstrous Other which is not our own body, but belongs to us at the same time. The bodies merged into one, give us the sensation of disintegration and loss of entireness, taking away the foundations of our subject and its physical placement in the real world.The loss of reference point shifts us into the loss of our own subjectivity. It marks the death of the unique and the birth of something alien, monstrous, distorted. The video is an illusory manifestation of a modern man, a monster man caught up in the futuristic science fiction.In it, we can recognize the horror of the present and the future, where the unique, free subject is dissolving under the influence of globalization, capitalism, politics and science.We are all caught up in a global net of the same intentions, desires and goals. The subjectivity of an individual has become a prisoner of numerous subjectivities performing as one. But instead of being the liberating wholeness, it turns out to be monstrous dehumanization, disappearance.